Hiroyuki Ohno Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids

The second edition is based on the original book, which has been revised, updated and expanded in order to cover the latest information on this rapidly growing field. The book begins with a description of general and electrochemical properties of ionic liquids and continues with a discussion of applications in biochemistry, ionic devices, functional design and polymeric ionic liquids. The new edition includes new chapters on Li ion Batteries and Actuators, as well as a revision of existing chapters to include a discussion on purification and the effects of impurities, adsorption of ionic liquids on interfaces and on the electrochemical double layer, among other topics.

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Группа авторов Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids

Focusing on the electrochemistry of ionic liquids, Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids examines the fundamentals and electrochemical applications of ionic liquid. This professional-oriented book provides the latest data for engineers and researchers in relevant industry as well as academic scientists and graduate students. The book starts with the importance and fundamental properties of ionic liquids, followed by a more general review of electrochemical processes, and finally covers some highly specialized and novel developments such as Ionic Liquidized DNA.

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Arvydas Survila Electrochemistry of Metal Complexes

A systematic analysis of electrochemical processes involving metal complexes. Starting with general considerations on equilibria in solutions and at interfaces as well as on mass transport, the text acquaints readers with the theory and common experimental practice for studying electrochemical reactions of metals complexes. The core part of the book deals with all important aspects of electroplating, including a systematic discussion of co-deposition of metals and formation of alloys. It also discusses such related subjects as oxide layer formation and hydrogen evolution as a side reaction.

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Toshio Fuchigami Fundamentals and Applications of Organic Electrochemistry

This textbook is an accessible overview of the broad field of organic electrochemistry, covering the fundamentals and applications of contemporary organic electrochemistry. The book begins with an introduction to the fundamental aspects of electrode electron transfer and methods for the electrochemical measurement of organic molecules. It then goes on to discuss organic electrosynthesis of molecules and macromolecules, including detailed experimental information for the electrochemical synthesis of organic compounds and conducting polymers. Later chapters highlight new methodology for organic electrochemical synthesis, for example electrolysis in ionic liquids, the application to organic electronic devices such as solar cells and LEDs, and examples of commercialized organic electrode processes. Appendices present useful supplementary information including experimental examples of organic electrosynthesis, and tables of physical data (redox potentials of various organic solvents and organic compounds and physical properties of various organic solvents).

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Schmickler Wolfgang Catalysis in Electrochemistry. From Fundamental Aspects to Strategies for Fuel Cell Development

Catalysis in Electrochemistry: From Fundamental Aspects to Strategies for Fuel Cell Development is a modern, comprehensive reference work on catalysis in electrochemistry, including principles, methods, strategies, and applications. It points out differences between catalysis at gas/surfaces and electrochemical interfaces, along with the future possibilities and impact of electrochemical science on energy problems. This book contributes both to fundamental science; experience in the design, preparation, and characterization of electrocatalytic materials; and the industrial application of electrocatalytic materials for electrochemical reactions. This is an essential resource for scientists globally in academia, industry, and government institutions.

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Группа авторов Electrochemical Technologies for Energy Storage and Conversion

In this handbook and ready reference, editors and authors from academia and industry share their in-depth knowledge of known and novel materials, devices and technologies with the reader. The result is a comprehensive overview of electrochemical energy and conversion methods, including batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, hydrogen generation and storage as well as solar energy conversion. Each chapter addresses electrochemical processes, materials, components, degradation mechanisms, device assembly and manufacturing, while also discussing the challenges and perspectives for each energy storage device in question. In addition, two introductory chapters acquaint readers with the fundamentals of energy storage and conversion, and with the general engineering aspects of electrochemical devices. With its uniformly structured, self-contained chapters, this is ideal reading for entrants to the field as well as experienced researchers.

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Группа авторов Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems

A guide to the biological control over electronic systems that lead the way to wearable electronics and improved drug delivery In recent years, this area of electrochemical systems has developed rapidly and achieved significant progress. Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems offers an overview to the wide-variety of switchable electrochemical systems and modified electrodes. The author—a noted researcher and expert on the topic—summarizes research efforts of many groups in a range of universities and countries. The book explores various types of external signals that are able to modify electrode interfaces, for example electrical potential, magnetic field, light, as well as chemical and biochemical inputs. Multifunctional properties of the modified interfaces allow their responses to complex combinations of external signals. These are integrated with unconventional biomolecular computing systems logically processing multiple biochemical signals. This approach allows the biological control over electronic systems. The text explores the applications in different areas, including unconventional computing, biofuel cells and signal-triggered molecular release in electrochemical systems. This important guide: Provides an overview to the biological control over electronic systems and examines the key applications in biomedicine, electrochemical energy conversion and signal-processing Offers an important text written by a highly cited researcher and pioneer in the field Contains a summary of research efforts of an international panel of scholars representing various universities and countries Presents a groundbreaking book that provides an introduction to this interdisciplinary field Written for scientists working with electrochemical systems and applications with signal-responsive materials, Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems presents an overview of the multidisciplinary field of adaptable signal-controlled electrochemical systems and processes and highlights their key aspects and future perspectives.

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Группа авторов Physical Chemistry of Ionic Materials

Defects play an important role in determining the properties of solids. This book provides an introduction to chemical bond, phonons, and thermodynamics; treatment of point defect formation and reaction, equilibria, mechanisms, and kinetics; kinetics chapters on solid state processes; and electrochemical techniques and applications. Offers a coherent description of fundamental defect chemistry and the most common applications. Up-to-date trends and developments within this field. Combines electrochemical concepts with aspects of semiconductor physics.

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Revie R. Winston Heterogeneous Electrode Processes and Localized Corrosion

Sheds new light on the significance of electrode inhomogeneity and electrochemical heterogeneity A major contribution to the field of electrochemistry, this book—based on a thorough review of the literature and author Yongjun Tan's twenty years of pioneering research—examines electrochemical heterogeneity and its effects on non-uniform electrode processes. The book focuses on localized corrosion, uneven electrodeposition, and non-uniform electrodissolution. Readers will learn all the core fundamentals, experimental methods, and engineering aspects of localized corrosion and other important heterogeneous electrode processes. In particular, readers will learn core methods to quickly calculate corrosion rates and study electrode inhomogeneity and electrochemical heterogeneity. Heterogeneous Electrode Processes and Localized Corrosion begins with a review of homogeneous electrode models and uniform corrosion measurements and then explores probing electrode inhomogeneity, electrochemical heterogeneity, and localized corrosion. Next, the book examines: Visualizing localized corrosion using electrochemically integrated multi-electrode arrays Measuring thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of localized corrosion processes Characterizing inhomogeneity and localized corrosion on coated electrode surfaces Designing experiments to study localized corrosion and its inhibition in inhomogeneous media Sensing localized electrodeposition and electrodissolution Exploring versatile heterogeneous electrode processes Throughout the book, there are case studies with maps that illustrate key aspects of heterogeneous electrode processes. In addition, the author provides plenty of examples that enable readers to fully grasp core concepts of electrochemical heterogeneity and its relationship to non-uniform electrode processes. Reviewing the experimental findings presented in this book, electrochemists will gain a better appreciation and understanding of the fundamental significance of electrode inhomogeneity and electrochemical heterogeneity.

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Noam Eliaz Physical Electrochemistry. Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications

This bestselling textbook on physical electrochemistry caters to the needs of advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of chemistry, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. It is unique in covering both the more fundamental, physical aspects as well as the application-oriented practical aspects in a balanced manner. In addition it serves as a self-study text for scientists in industry and research institutions working in related fields. The book can be divided into three parts: (i) the fundamentals of electrochemistry; (ii) the most important electrochemical measurement techniques; and (iii) applications of electrochemistry in materials science and engineering, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and industry. The second edition has been thoroughly revised, extended and updated to reflect the state-of-the-art in the field, for example, electrochemical printing, batteries, fuels cells, supercapacitors, and hydrogen storage.

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Ohno & Nakamura Laboratory

Hiroyuki Ohno Ph. D. President Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 3-8-1 Harumi-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-8538, JAPAN. E-mail: ohnoh (at) Tel&FAX:+81-42-367-5506. Date of Birth: 11 July 1953 Marital Status: Married with two children Nationality: Japanese. Education Background

Hiroyuki OHNO | President | Ph. D., | Tokyo University of ...

Hiroyuki Ohno We successfully dissolved cedar powder with tetrabutylphosphonium hydroxide ([P4 4 4 4]OH) aqueous solution at 60°C. The dissolution was accelerated by the addition of H2O2.

‪Hiroyuki Ohno‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Hiroyuki Ohno. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Verified email at - Homepage. ionic liquid polymer molecular assembly. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Title. Sort. Sort by citations Sort by year Sort by title. Cited by. Cited by. Year; Ionic-liquid materials for the electrochemical challenges of the future. M Armand, F Endres, DR MacFarlane, H Ohno, B Scrosati ...

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Hiroyuki Ohno - President - Tokyo University of ...

Hiroyuki Ohno Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology - President 日本 東京都 23 区内 193人のつながり

Hiroyuki Ohno - YouTube

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KenVO | Kendo Verband Ost

Hiroyuki Ohno (Hessen) 3. Alexander Jakupovic (Berlin) & Genta Kozaki (Württemberg) Kampfgeistpreise: Anton Neeb (Berlin) & Adam Urban (KenVO) 1. Übungsleiter-Lehrgang des KenVO. By Mario Brandt On 26. Februar 2018 · Add Comment. Am 17.-18.02. fand in Halle/S. Der erste Übungsleiter-Lehrgang des Kendo Verband Ost statt. Unter der Leitung von Uwe Kumpf haben sich 24 Übungsleiter aus fast ...


・Mr. Hiroyuki Ohno has joined the firm as an associate Attorney-at-law. ・Mr. Seigen Tsukuda has joined the firm as an associate Patent Attorney. Dec. 15, 2014 ・Mr. Seiichi Sakatani has joined the firm as an associate Patent Attorney. Sep. 10, 2014 ・Asia IP ranked OHNO & PARTNERS in their "2014 Asia IP Patent Survey"(August 2014 issue) as one of top firms in Japan-Patent Contentious ...



大野裕之 - Wikipedia

大野 裕之(おおの ひろゆき、1974年 9月27日 - )は、日本の劇作家・脚本家・映画プロデューサー・演出家・作曲家・俳優・映画研究者・振付師。 チャップリン研究家として知られ、日本チャップリン協会会長をつとめる。 大阪府生まれ。 劇団とっても便利で脚本・演出・作曲を担当。

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Hiroyuki Ohno's research works | Nagoya Municipal ...

Hiroyuki Ohno's 29 research works with 67 citations and 2,988 reads, including: Interlaboratory Study on Evaporation Residue Test for Food Contact Products (Report 1)

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids | Wiley Online Books

HIROYUKI OHNO is a professor in the Department of Biotechnology at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Professor Ohno is renowned for his research and is a pioneer in the realm of ionic liquids and ion-conductive materials, with more than 200 papers published in the field.

Hiroyuki Harada Kyoko Ohno-Matsui

Hiroyuki Harada Kyoko Ohno-Matsui saved him if I had done this, that or the other. I even thought of leaving the uni-versity hospital to become a general practitioner. Though aware 100% uni-versally effective treatment may be unattainable, I resolved that I would never cease endeavoring to save every patient. ” Professor Harada’s personal mission continues to inform everything he does. As ...

Wiley: Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids, 2nd ...

Hiroyuki Ohno, PhD, is a professor and Dean of the Institute of Symbiotic Science and a professor at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.He is renowned for his research and is a pioneer in the realm of ionic liquids and ion-conductive materials. The editor of the Wiley journal Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Professor Ohno has published more than 320 papers in the field of ...

OHNO Hiroyuki - Directory of Researchers at Kanazawa ...

Information Management System for Emergency Situations Hiroyuki Ohno IPSJ SIG Notes 2010 4 1-8 2010/02 HoUZK/JP: a system management tool, special human interface devices and a new presentation tool in one serial to USB HID converter IEICE technical report 110 429 87-92 2011/02

Hiroyuki Ohno’s Instagram profile post: “最近和食が多いなぁ #恵比寿 #紀風”

7 Likes, 0 Comments - Hiroyuki Ohno (@ohno_hiroyuki) on Instagram: “最近和食が多いなぁ #恵比寿 #紀風”

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dblp: Hiroyuki Ohno

List of computer science publications by Hiroyuki Ohno In view of the current Corona Virus epidemic, Schloss Dagstuhl has moved its 2020 proposal submission period to July 1 to July 15, 2020 , and there will not be another proposal round in November 2020.

Hiroyuki Ohno - IMDb

Hiroyuki Ohno, Actor: Anohito. Hiroyuki Ohno is an actor, known for Anohito (2016).

Hiroyuki Ohno(ウェディングプランナー) | 結婚式のプランがいっぱい届く - プラコレウェディング

Hiroyuki Ohno Yuka Mukuno. 大久保有理 mai 平野 愛 工藤亜希子 T&Gウェディングプランナー ご当地ライター 清水美帆 山本 千恵 池永 沙織 西 入江 千春 友田 フォトプラプランナー 松島 紫芳 河野 牟田 富希子 大内田信ニ スマ婚プランナー. ウェディングアドバイザー. ウェディングアドバイザーとは. 第 ...

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

Universität für Landwirtschaft und Technologie Tokio ...

Hiroyuki Ohno: Studierende 5.962 (Mai 2011) Mitarbeiter 641 (Mai 2011) Website Fuchū-Campus (Fakultät für Agrarwissenschaft) Die Universität für Landwirtschaft und Technologie Tokio (jap. ...

Synthesis of novel styrene groups containing ...

Shinji Takeoka, Hiroyuki Ohno, Hidetaka Iwai, Eishun Tsuchida, Liposome formation of selectively‐polymerized diene‐containing phospholipids and their postpolymerization, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 10.1002/pola.1990.080280403, 28, 4, (717-730), (2003).

Hiroyuki Ohno | Researcher Information | J-GLOBAL

Researcher “Hiroyuki Ohno” Detailed information of the J-GLOBAL is a service based on the concept of Linking, Expanding, and Sparking, linking science and technology information which hitherto stood alone to support the generation of ideas. By linking the information entered, we provide opportunities to make unexpected discoveries and obtain knowledge from dissimilar fields from high ...

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids: Ohno ...

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids | Ohno, Hiroyuki | ISBN: 9780470647813 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids: ...

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids | Hiroyuki Ohno | ISBN: 9780471762515 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Hiroyuki Ebisawa · NAGASHIMA OHNO & TSUNEMATSU · Jp Tower ...

Hiroyuki Ebisawa is an attorney admitted to practice in New York State in 2013. The registration number with NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA) is #5142914. The company or organization that Hiroyuki Ebisawa serves is Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu.The office address is Jp Tower, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-7036, JAPAN.

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Amino Acid Ionic Liquids | Accounts of Chemical Research

Shohei Saita, Yuki Kohno, Nobuhumi Nakamura, Hiroyuki Ohno. Ionic liquids showing phase separation with water prepared by mixing hydrophilic and polar amino acid ionic liquids. Chemical Communications 2013 , 49 (79) , 8988.

Einladung Vortrag Ohno 03 12 2008 -

Prof. Hiroyuki Ohno von der University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokio, der diesjährige Preisträger des „Paul Walden Lecture Award“, besucht am 3.12.2008 die RWTH Aachen. Der „Paul-Walden-lecture award“ wird von den Mitgliedern des DFG- Schwerpunktprogramms „Ionic Liquids“ (SPP 1191, jedes Jahr in Anerkennung besonders herausragender Leistungen auf dem ...

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Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids : Hiroyuki Ohno ...

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids by Hiroyuki Ohno, 9780470647813, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Keywords: Author:Hiroyuki Ohno. All (88) Articles (87) Chapters (1) Sort by relevance. Sort by relevance. Sort by latest. Sort by oldest. Back to tab navigation. No Record Found. Back to tab navigation. Back to tab navigation. Search filters . Filters applied. Content Type - all ...

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Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids: Ohno, Hiroyuki ...

by Hiroyuki Ohno (Editor) ISBN-13: 978-0470647813. ISBN-10: 0470647817. Why is ISBN important? ISBN. This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. Scan an ISBN with your phone Use the Amazon App to scan ISBNs and compare prices. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon Share <Embed> Add to book club ...

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids : Hiroyuki Ohno ...

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids by Hiroyuki Ohno, 9781118003350, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

CSIRO PUBLISHING | Australian Journal of Chemistry

Tetrabutylphosphonium styrenesulfonate and its homopolymer showed a lower critical solution temperature-type phase transition in water. As the hydrophobicity of these monomeric and polymeric salts affects phase behaviour, the phase transition temperature of the polyelectrolyte was changed by the introduction of monomers having different alkyl chain length on the phosphonium cations.

Nationalkader 2019 – DKenB

Nationalteam 2019. Beim Kangeiko 2018 in Lindow wurde das Team, dass für uns zur Europameisterschaft nach Serbien fliegen wird, vorgestellt. Das neue Nationalteam setzt sich aus folgenden Personen zusammen:

Rémi Dedryvère Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries

The electrochemical energy storage is a means to conserve electrical energy in chemical form. This form of storage benefits from the fact that these two energies share the same vector, the electron. This advantage allows us to limit the losses related to the conversion of energy from one form to another. The RS2E focuses its research on rechargeable electrochemical devices (or electrochemical storage) batteries and supercapacitors. The materials used in the electrodes are key components of lithium-ion batteries. Their nature depend battery performance in terms of mass and volume capacity, energy density, power, durability, safety, etc. This book deals with current and future positive and negative electrode materials covering aspects related to research new and better materials for future applications (related to renewable energy storage and transportation in particular), bringing light on the mechanisms of operation, aging and failure.

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Arumugam Manthiram Developments in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Lithium Iron Batteries

This proceedings focuses on both the scientific and technological aspects of fuel cells and high energy density batteries including solid oxide; proton exchange membrane; and direct methanol fuel cells; lithium-ion batteries; oxide-ion electrolytes; proton conductors; mixed ionic-electronic conductors; electrocatalysts; new materials development; and other related solid state and electrochemical aspects including supercapacitors and oxygen separation membranes.

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Thomas Fuller F. Electrochemical Engineering

A Comprehensive Reference for Electrochemical Engineering Theory and Application From chemical and electronics manufacturing, to hybrid vehicles, energy storage, and beyond, electrochemical engineering touches many industries—any many lives—every day. As energy conservation becomes of central importance, so too does the science that helps us reduce consumption, reduce waste, and lessen our impact on the planet. Electrochemical Engineering provides a reference for scientists and engineers working with electrochemical processes, and a rigorous, thorough text for graduate students and upper-division undergraduates. Merging theoretical concepts with widespread application, this book is designed to provide critical knowledge in a real-world context. Beginning with the fundamental principles underpinning the field, the discussion moves into industrial and manufacturing processes that blend central ideas to provide an advanced understanding while explaining observable results. Fully-worked illustrations simplify complex processes, and end-of chapter questions help reinforce essential knowledge. With in-depth coverage of both the practical and theoretical, this book is both a thorough introduction to and a useful reference for the field. Rigorous in depth, yet grounded in relevance, Electrochemical Engineering: Introduces basic principles from the standpoint of practical application Explores the kinetics of electrochemical reactions with discussion on thermodynamics, reaction fundamentals, and transport Covers battery and fuel cell characteristics, mechanisms, and system design Delves into the design and mechanics of hybrid and electric vehicles, including regenerative braking, start-stop hybrids, and fuel cell systems Examines electrodeposition, redox-flow batteries, electrolysis, regenerative fuel cells, semiconductors, and other applications of electrochemical engineering principles Overlapping chemical engineering, chemistry, material science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, electrochemical engineering covers a diverse array of phenomena explained by some of the important scientific discoveries of our time. Electrochemical Engineering provides the critical understanding required to work effectively with these processes as they become increasingly central to global sustainability.

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Georgi Staikov T. Electrochemical Phase Formation and Growth

Electrochemical processes and methods are basic to many important scientific disciplines, materials science and nanotechnology being only two keywords. For the first time in more than twenty years this volume presents a critical survey of the foundations, methodology and applications of electrochemical phase formation and growth processes. Written by a team of three internationally renowned authors, it is an invaluable source of information for all scientists concerned with electrocrystallization of metals or the in-situ characterization of electron-conducting surfaces. Not only the numerous illustrations (partly in colour) but also the vast number of references covering the literature up to and including 1995 make this volume indispensable for every laboratory working in electrochemical or materials science.

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Frédéric Favier Supercapacitors Based on Carbon or Pseudocapacitive Materials

Electrochemical capacitors are electrochemical energy storage devices able to quickly deliver or store large quantities of energy. They have stimulated numerous innovations throughout the last 20 years and are now implemented in many fields. Supercapacitors Based on Carbon or Pseudocapacitive Materials provides the scientific basis for a better understanding of the characteristics and performance of electrochemical capacitors based on electrochemical double layer electrodes or pseudocapacitive materials, as well as providing information on the design and conception of new devices such as lithium-ion capacitors. This book details the various applications of supercapacitors, ranging from power electronics and stationary use, to transportation (hybrid vehicles, trams, planes, etc.). They are increasingly used in the automotive sector, especially as part of stop/start systems that have allowed for energy recovery through braking and reduced fuel consumption.

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Patrice Simon Electrochemical Energy Storage

The electrochemical storage of energy has become essential in assisting the development of electrical transport and use of renewable energies. French researchers have played a key role in this domain but Asia is currently the market leader. Not wanting to see history repeat itself, France created the research network on electrochemical energy storage (RS2E) in 2011. This book discusses the launch of RS2E, its stakeholders, objectives, and integrated structure that assures a continuum between basic research, technological research and industries. Here, the authors will cover the technological advances as well as the challenges that must still be resolved in the field of electrochemical storage, taking into account sustainable development and the limited time available to us.

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Группа авторов Developments in Electrochemistry

Martin Fleischmann was truly one of the ‘fathers’ of modern electrochemistry having made major contributions to diverse topics within electrochemical science and technology. These include the theory and practice of voltammetry and in situ spectroscopic techniques, instrumentation, electrochemical phase formation, corrosion, electrochemical engineering, electrosynthesis and cold fusion. While intended to honour the memory of Martin Fleischmann, Developments in Electrochemistry is neither a biography nor a history of his contributions. Rather, the book is a series of critical reviews of topics in electrochemical science associated with Martin Fleischmann but remaining important today. The authors are all scientists with outstanding international reputations who have made their own contribution to their topic; most have also worked with Martin Fleischmann and benefitted from his guidance. Each of the 19 chapters within this volume begin with an outline of Martin Fleischmann’s contribution to the topic, followed by examples of research, established applications and prospects for future developments. The book is of interest to both students and experienced workers in universities and industry who are active in developing electrochemical science.

9803.79 RUR

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Группа авторов Electrocatalysis

Catalysts speed up a chemical reaction or allow for reactions to take place that would not otherwise occur. The chemical nature of a catalyst and its structure are crucial for interactions with reaction intermediates. An electrocatalyst is used in an electrochemical reaction, for example in a fuel cell to produce electricity. In this case, reaction rates are also dependent on the electrode potential and the structure of the electrical double-layer. This work provides a valuable overview of this rapidly developing field by focusing on the aspects that drive the research of today and tomorrow. Key topics are discussed by leading experts, making this book a must-have for many scientists of the fi eld with backgrounds in different disciplines, including chemistry, physics, biochemistry, engineering as well as surface and materials science. This book is volume XIV in the series «Advances in Electrochemical Sciences and Engineering».

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Группа авторов Electrochemical Engineering Across Scales

In Volume XV in the series «Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering» various leading experts from the field of electrochemical engineering share their insights into how different experimental and computational methods are used in transferring molecular-scale discoveries into processes and products. Throughout, the focus is on the engineering problem and method of solution, rather than on the specific application, such that scientists from different backgrounds will benefit from the flow of ideas between the various subdisciplines. A must-read for anyone developing engineering tools for the next-generation design and control of electrochemical process technologies, including chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as chemists, physicists, biochemists and materials scientists.

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Mordechay Schlesinger Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition

Excellent teaching and resource material . . . it is concise, coherently structured, and easy to read . . . highly recommended for students, engineers, and researchers in all related fields." -Corrosion on the First Edition of Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition From computer hardware to automobiles, medical diagnostics to aerospace, electrochemical deposition plays a crucial role in an array of key industries. Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to one of today's most exciting and rapidly evolving fields of practical knowledge. The most authoritative introduction to the field so far, the book presents detailed coverage of the full range of electrochemical deposition processes and technologies, including: * Metal-solution interphase * Charge transfer across an interphase * Formation of an equilibrium electrode potential * Nucleation and growth of thin films * Kinetics and mechanisms of electrodeposition * Electroless deposition * In situ characterization of deposition processes * Structure and properties of deposits * Multilayered and composite thin films * Interdiffusion in thin film * Applications in the semiconductor industry and the field of medicine This new edition updates the prior edition to address the new developments in the science and its applications, with new chapters on innovative applications of electrochemical deposition in semiconductor technology, magnetism and microelectronics, and medical instrumentation. Added coverage includes such topics as binding energy, nanoclusters, atomic force, and scanning tunneling microscopy.Example problems at the end of chapters and other features clarify and improve understanding of the material. Written by an author team with extensive experience in both industry and academe, this reference and text provides a well-rounded introduction to the field for students, as well as a means for professional chemists, engineers, and technicians to expand and sharpen their skills in using the technology.

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Подробнее — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить Hiroyuki Ohno Electrochemical Aspects of по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки Hiroyuki Ohno Electrochemical Aspects of — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.