Светильник аварийный Skat Lt-902400-led-li-ion

Назначение светильника: аварийный, Датчик движения: нет, Тип лампы: светодиодная, Количество ламп: 90, Степень защиты от пыли и влаги: IP 20, Решетка: нет, Цвет: белый, Гарантия: 36, Высота: 36, Ширина: 65, Длина: 500

2200 RUR
Lt-902400-led-li-ion Skat

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Светильник аварийный Skat Lt-2360 led li-ion

Назначение светильника: аварийный, Датчик движения: нет, Тип лампы: светодиодная, Количество ламп: 60, Степень защиты от пыли и влаги: IP 20, Решетка: нет, Цвет: белый, Гарантия: 36, Высота: 36, Ширина: 65, Длина: 362

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Lt-2360 led li-ion Skat

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Светильник аварийный Rapan Lt-30 li-ion

Назначение светильника: аварийный, Датчик движения: нет, Тип лампы: светодиодная, Количество ламп: 30, Степень защиты от пыли и влаги: IP 20, Решетка: нет, Цвет: белый, Гарантия: 36, Высота: 29, Ширина: 55, Длина: 203

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Lt-30 li-ion Rapan

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COB LED Multifunctional Work Light Outdoor Maintenance Light Emergency Light Rechargeable Li-ion LED Satellite Working Light

Geoffrey Rayner-canham Periodic Table, The: Past, Present, And Future

That fossilized chart on every classroom wall — isn't that The Periodic Table? Isn't that what Mendeléev devised about a century ago? No and No. There are many ways of organizing the chemical elements, some of which are thought-provoking, and which reveal philosophical challenges. Where does hydrogen 'belong'? Can an element occupy more than one location on the chart? Which are the Group 3 elements? Is aluminum in the wrong place? Why is silver(I) like thallium(I)? Why is vanadium like molybdenum? Why does gold form an auride ion like a halide ion? Does an atom 'know' if it is a non-metal or metal? Which elements are the 'metalloids'? Which are the triels? So many questions! In this stimulating and innovative book, the Reader will be taken on a voyage from the past to the present to the future of the Periodic Table. This book is unique. This book is readable. This book is thought-provoking. It is a multi-dimensional examination of patterns and trends among the chemical elements. Every reader will discover something about the chemical elements which will provoke thought and a new appreciation as to how the elements relate together.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>About the Author</li><li>Introduction</li><li>The Periodic Table Exploration Begins!</li><li>Isotopes and Nuclear Patterns</li><li>Selected Trends in Atomic Properties</li><li>First Period Problems</li><li>The Group 3 Problem</li><li>Categorizations of the Elements</li><li>Isoelectronicity</li><li>Group and Period Patterns among the Main Group Elements</li><li>Patterns among the Transition Metals</li><li>Group (<i>n</i>) and (<i>n</i>+10) Relationships</li><li>Chemical 'Knight's Move' Relationship</li><li>Isodiagonality</li><li>Lanthanoids, Group 3, and Their Connections</li><li>Actinoid and Post-Actinoid Elements</li><li>Pseudo-Elements</li><li>Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Chemistry students, science educators, chemists.Periodic Table;Isoelectronicity;Atoms;Chemical Elements0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>This book provides a unique, multi-perspective approach to the patterns and trends among the chemical elements</li><li>This book introduces different ways in which individual chemical elements are related to another element or elements</li><li>This book uses fragments of the Periodic Table to highlight unexpected linkages and the individuals who identified them</li></ul>

2156.05 RUR

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Shawn Li Song Seah My Father's Kampung: A History Of Aukang And Punggol

Written by author and speaker Shawn Seah, My Father's Kampung delves into the social history of Aukang and Punggol as it traces a son's journey to better understand and appreciate the kampung life his father lived. The book is rich in personal stories and oral histories of those who lived there from the 1940s to 1970s, brought to life by Seah's passionate narrative as well as illustrations and photos.This book is supported by the National Heritage Board, with Forewords by Robert Yeo and Montfort Alumni.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Endorsements</li><li>Foreword</li><li><b><i>Prologue:</i></b><ul><li>The Teochew</li><li>The Singapore Chinese</li><li>Decline of Dialects</li><li>Teochew Food</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Why Did I Write This Book?</i></b></li><li><b><i>Where was Aukang?:</i></b><ul><li>'Teochew Kingdom' of Aukang</li><li>The Historical Past</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Catholicism in Aukang (1853–present):</i></b><ul><li>The Rise of Catholicism in Aukang</li><li>Montfort School (1916–present)</li><li>The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1853–present)</li></ul></li><li><b><i>World at War (1914–1945) :</i></b><ul><li>The Japanese Cemetery Park in Aukang</li><li>Prostitutes, Spies, and Soldiers</li><li>World War II and The Punggol Zoo</li><li>Fortifications</li><li>The Punggol Massacres</li><li>A Safe Haven at Surin Lane</li><li>Japanese Opium Dealers?</li><li>Suffering Under the Japanese</li><li>Catholic Mass for the Departed Souls</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Gor Kor Chiok (Fifth Milestone):</i></b><ul><li>Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary</li><li>Tou Mu Kung Temple</li><li>St Paul's Church</li><li>Masjid Haji Yusoff</li><li>Teochew Cemetery</li><li>Lim Tua Tow Market</li><li>The Original Site of Da Qiao School at Lim Tua Tow Road</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Lak Kor Chiok (Sixth Milestone) :</i></b><ul><li>Memories of Simon Road</li><li>Serangoon English School and Its Prominent Alumni</li><li>The Stories of Joo Hong Road, Lim Ah Pin Road, and Florence Road</li><li>The Upper Serangoon Community Centre and Boys' Club</li><li>Tua Jia Kar Village</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Kangkar (1900s–1986) :</i></b><ul><li>Kangkar Fishing Village</li><li>Kangkar Through the Eyes of Mr Lee Boon Kee</li><li>Kangkar Through the Eyes of Mr Ng Kok Song</li><li>Other Memories of Kangkar</li><li>The Last Kampung in Singapore — Kampong Lorong Buangkok</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Memories of Punggol:</i></b><ul><li>Memories of Punggol from the Eyes of Ng Yew Kang</li><li>The 'Haunted House' — Punggol's Matilda House</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Kampung Memories (1946–1975) :</i></b><ul><li>Everyday Life: Houses</li><li>Utilities: Water, 'Bath and Toilet' Facilities, Public Stand Pipes</li><li>Electricity, Pressure Lamps, and Private Generators</li><li>Transport</li><li>Entertainment</li><li>Crocodiles, a Bear, and a Python</li><li>Badminton Parties</li><li>Movies in the 1950s and 60s</li><li>Gambling</li><li>Fighting Fish and Other Animals</li><li>Banning Firecrackers Long Before the Government Did</li><li>Teochew Opera</li><li>Eking Out a Living</li><li>Private School</li><li>Travelling Hawkers or Street Hawkers</li><li>Commercial Farming</li></ul></li><li>Epilogue</li><li>Bibliography</li><li>Acknowledgements</li><li>About the Author</li><li>About the Artist</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> History and heritage enthusiasts of: Singapore history, placemaking history (districts such as Hougang, Punggol, Sengkang, and Buangkok), Teochew clan history; curriculum planners, educators, and students of Chinese Cultural Studies, Southeast Asian and Singapore History; alumni of Montfort School, Holy Innocents' English School, Holy Innocents' Chinese School, and other schools related to Montfort or the Gabrielite brothers.Singapore History;Teochew;Placemaking;Teochew Catholics;Singapore Chinese;Singapore Heritage;Houggang;Punggol;Buangkok;Ethno-Religious History;Southeast Asian Studies;Asian Studies;Biography0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>This is Singapore's first book on the history of Aukang, Sengkang, Buangkok, and Punggol (i.e. northeast Singapore), from its early days in the 1800s with Malay and Teochew gambier and pepper settlers, to the 1980s when the area changed into what people recognise today as Hougang and Punggol</li><li>The area's history and heritage are culturally significant. First, Hougang today is huge. This is not a small backwater, but Singapore's largest public housing estate by land area in 2018. Second, historical Aukang which was dominated by Teochew Catholics is culturally significant. In 2014, it was announced that HDB planned to invest $9.5 million to develop a stretch of Upper Serangoon (i.e. where historical Aukang was located) into a heritage corridor. Third, this book could help those who live there today feel connected to the place and better appreciate its rich history</li></ul>

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Moran Feldman Algorithms For Big Data

This unique volume is an introduction for computer scientists, including a formal study of theoretical algorithms for Big Data applications, which allows them to work on such algorithms in the future. It also serves as a useful reference guide for the general computer science population, providing a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of such algorithms.To achieve these goals, the algorithmic results presented have been carefully chosen so that they demonstrate the important techniques and tools used in Big Data algorithms, and yet do not require tedious calculations or a very deep mathematical background.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Preface</li><li>About the Author</li><li><b><i>Data Stream Algorithms:</i></b><ul><li>Introduction to Data Stream Algorithms</li><li>Basic Probability and Tail Bounds</li><li>Estimation Algorithms</li><li>Reservoir Sampling</li><li>Pairwise Independent Hashing</li><li>Counting Distinct Tokens</li><li>Sketches</li><li>Graph Data Stream Algorithms</li><li>The Sliding Window Model</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Sublinear Time Algorithms:</i></b><ul><li>Introduction to Sublinear Time Algorithms</li><li>Property Testing</li><li>Algorithms for Bounded Degree Graphs</li><li>An Algorithm for Dense Graphs</li><li>Algorithms for Boolean Functions</li></ul></li><li><b><i>Map-Reduce:</i></b><ul><li>Introduction to Map-Reduce</li><li>Algorithms for Lists</li><li>Graph Algorithms</li><li>Locality-Sensitive Hashing</li></ul></li><li>Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Professionals, academics, researchers and graduate students in theoretical computer science and big data.Streaming Algorithms;Map-Reduce;Property Testing;Sublinear Time Algorithms00

8494.61 RUR

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Andreas Miroslaus Wichert Principles Of Quantum Artificial Intelligence: Quantum Problem Solving And Machine Learning (Second Edition)

This unique compendium presents an introduction to problem solving, information theory, statistical machine learning, stochastic methods and quantum computation. It indicates how to apply quantum computation to problem solving, machine learning and quantum-like models to decision making — the core disciplines of artificial intelligence.Most of the chapters were rewritten and extensive new materials were updated. New topics include quantum machine learning, quantum-like Bayesian networks and mind in Everett many-worlds.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Introduction</li><li>Computation</li><li>Problem Solving</li><li>Information</li><li>Reversible Algorithms</li><li>Probability</li><li>Introduction to Quantum Physics</li><li>Computation with Qubits</li><li>Periodicity</li><li>Search</li><li>Quantum Problem-Solving</li><li>Grover's Algorithm and the Input Problem</li><li>Statistical Machine Learning</li><li>Linear-Algebra Based Quantum Machine Learning</li><li>Stochastic Methods</li><li>Adiabatic Quantum Computation and Quantum Annealing</li><li>Quantum Cognition</li><li>Quantum like-Evolution</li><li>Quantum Computation and the Multiverse</li><li>Conclusion</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Professionals, researchers, academics, and graduate students in databases, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and neural networks. Quantum Computing;Quantum Theory;AI;Machine Learning;Quantum Machine Learning;Quantum Cognition;Multiverse00

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Фара передняя RAYPAL 880LM, LED: 1xCREE XM-L2, аккумулятор: 2600mAh li-ion,RPL-2276

Фара передняя RPL-2276 880LM, LED: 1xCREE XM-L2, Аккумулятор: 2600mAh li-ion, Режимы: High/Mid/Low/Flash, Размеры: 113x43 мм, Вес 167г

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Фонарь велосипедный RAYPAL, задний,120LM, USB, LED, 500mAh li-ion, 6 режимов, RPL-2288

Фонарь велосипедный задний RPL-2288, 120LM, USB-зарядка, LED: COB, Тип питания: аккумулятор: 500mAh li-ion, Режимы: 100%/50%/25%/мигающие (х3), Размер 40х23 мм Корпус алюминевый Особенность: Зарядка от USB, влагозащитный Вес 23 г

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Signe Kjelstrup Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics Of Heterogeneous Systems (Second Edition)

This book utilizes non-equilibrium thermodynamics to describe transport in complex, heterogeneous media. There are large coupling effects between transport of heat, mass, charge and chemical reactions at surfaces, and it is important to know how one should properly integrate across systems where different phases are in contact. There is no other book available today that gives a prescription of how to set up flux equations for transports across heterogeneous systems.<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Scope</li><li>Why Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics?</li><li>Thermodynamic Relations for Heterogeneous Systems</li><li>The Entropy Production for a Homogeneous Phase</li><li>The Excess Entropy Production for the Surface</li><li>The Excess Entropy Production for a Three-Phase Contact Line</li><li>Flux Equations and Onsager Relations</li><li>Transport of Heat and Mass</li><li>Transport of Heat and Charge</li><li>Transport of Mass and Charge</li><li>Evaporation and Condensation</li><li>Multi-Component Diffusion, Heat Conduction and Cross Effects</li><li>A Non-Isothermal Concentration Cell</li><li>The Transported Entropy</li><li>Adiabatic Electrode Reactions</li><li>The Liquid Junction Potential</li><li>The Formation Cell</li><li>Power from Regular and Thermal Osmosis</li><li>Modeling the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell</li><li>Measuring Membrane Transport Properties</li><li>The Impedance of an Electrode Surface</li><li>Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations</li><li>The Non-Equilibrium Two-Phase van der Waals Model</li><li>Curved Surfaces</li><li>The Catalyst Surface Temperature</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Graduate students, researchers, lecturers and professionals in physics, nanoscience and surface science.Irreversible Processes;Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics;Interface Transports;Phase Transitions;Catalysis;Batteries;Fuel Cells;Thermal Osmosis0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Two new chapters have been added to the bestselling first edition of the book</li></ul>

9070.51 RUR

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Фара велосипедная RAYPAL, передняя, LED, 500LM, 1800mAh li-ion, 4 режима, RPL-2289-1

Фара передняя RPL-2289-1 500LM, LED:1xCREE XPG, Аккумулятор: 1800mAh li-ion, Режимы: 100%/50%/25%/мигающий, Размеры: 103х28х36мм, Вес 128 г, Особенность регулировка фокуса

1464 RUR

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Фара велосипедная RAYPAL, передняя, LED, 500LM, 1800mAh li-ion, 4 режима, RPL-2295

Супер мощная велосипедная фара RayPal 2295 с двумя яркими и экономичными диодами Cree XPG350. Фара передняя RPL-2295, 500LM, LED:2xCREE XPG350, Аккумулятор: 1800mAh li-ion, Режимы: 100%/50%/25%/ Особенность мигающий, Размеры: 88х41х24 мм Вес 91 г

1692 RUR

RAYPAL / RPL-2295 / похожие


Don C Reed Revolutionary Therapies: How The California Stem Cell Program Saved Lives, Eased Suffering - And Changed The Face Of Medicine Forever

For author Don C Reed, father of a paralyzed son, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) is the greatest medical advance since penicillin.REVOLUTIONARY THERAPIES is Reed's third book about the $3 billion stem cell program.Voted into law in November 2004, CIRM is now running out of money.Should its funding be renewed? Thereby hangs a tale, or rather several dozen of them, for each of the book's 71 short chapters is framed by a yarn or vignette.The factual background is accurate, vetted by the scientists, but Reed's goal is clearly both entertainment and education.A favorite example is a little girl named Evie, imprisoned in a plastic bubble: her body's immune system did not work, and she would die outside. She joined a CIRM clinical trial … Imagine how Evie's parents felt — when she got well.Some stories are comical, like 'How Stem Cell Research Saved My Car'; others surprising, like the comparison between politics and the giant crocodile Gustave; others are tragic or inspiring: but all point to this: More than 100 million Americans suffer chronic disease, causing mountains of medical debt — and the only way to reduce that expense ($3 trillion last year) — is cure.Related Link(s)<b>Contents:</b> <ul><li>Introduction: The Odds Against the California Stem Cell Program</li><li>The Silent Hurricane</li><li>Uncle Ben's Kidneys</li><li>Blindness for the Old</li><li>So, You Want to be a Stem Cell Scientist?</li><li>The One-Leg Placebo</li><li>Can We Lower the Prices of Medicine and Therapies?</li><li>'Tesi': Or, How to Engineer an Intestine</li><li>Fighting Rett Syndrome</li><li>The Disease Which Caused a Revolution?</li><li>Leader of the Board</li><li>Hitting Yourself in the Chest</li><li>The Cost of Doing Nothing</li><li>The ATM Disease</li><li>Preventing Medical Bankruptcy?</li><li>New Babies, New Scientists</li><li>Secrets for Free</li><li>Speaking Before Those Who Oppose</li><li>The First 500 Pounds — And Donald Kohn</li><li>Why Fetal Cell Research Must be Allowed</li><li>'Told Your Child is Going to Die…'</li><li>Flat Feet and Neuropathy</li><li>Battling Schizophrenia</li><li>Of Werewolves, Plague, and the Zika Virus</li><li>Getting <u>All</u> the Cancer</li><li>Two Bulldogs</li><li>Other People's Pain: Fighting Bowel Disease</li><li>Building Bone Density</li><li>Money, Hope, and Huntington's</li><li>A Better Rat?</li><li>'Tuesdays with Morrie': Battling ALS</li><li>Punching at Parkinson's</li><li>Arthritis Champions</li><li>Marching for Science?</li><li>Blood, Blood, Blood!</li><li>Someone Who Gets Things Done</li><li>The Voice of CIRM</li><li>Adventures on Bridges: Humboldt State University</li><li>Inside Gloria's Heart</li><li>Fighting Beside Other Countries</li><li>Jobs and New Money</li><li>Scars: By Moray Eels and Other Causes</li><li>Battling Duchenne</li><li>In Which Stem Cell Research Saves My Car</li><li>Should Scientists Run for Office?</li><li>The Strangest Thing Inside My Head</li><li>Of Crocodiles, and Politics</li><li>Raja's Story</li><li>To More Swiftly Heal a Broken Bone?</li><li>Surprises, Awkward and Otherwise</li><li>The Man with the Plan to Assassinate Cancer?</li><li>Lung Cancer, and the Bent Cigarette</li><li>Introducing Madame President</li><li>Fighting Bladder Cancer</li><li>Sickle Cell — And Insults?</li><li>Two Diseases, One Therapy?</li><li>Gloria at Home</li><li>Of CIRM, and Buying My House</li><li>Cooperation with the Capitol</li><li>The Christmas Truce</li><li>Alexander's Challenge</li><li>The Smallest Miracle</li><li>Interview with the Founder: Bob Klein</li><li>The Big Bang Theory, CIRM, and a Dolphin Named Spock</li><li>For My Son</li><li>The ISSCR Adventure</li><li>The Most Terrible Disease</li><li>Body as Battlefield: Clinical Studies Funded by CIRM</li><li>More Victims Than Five Kinds of Cancer?</li><li>Vertigo, Chickens, and Maybe Great News</li><li>A World without CIRM?</li><li>What We Must Do</li><li>Afterword</li><li>Name Index</li><li>Subject Index</li></ul><br><b>Readership:</b> Stem cell researchers; patient advocates, students, scientists in biomed field, parents of children with disabilities, soldiers with injuries; Parkinson's, diabetes and spinal cord injury survivors, fundraisers for medical causes; for anyone with a chronic disease.Diabetes;Cancer;CIRM;Chronic Disease;Disability;Paralysis;Scientist;Rett;Cystic Fibrosis;Alpha Thalassemia;Bankruptcy; Donald Kohn;Elizabeth Warren;Neuropathy;Schizophrenia;Plague;Zika Virus;Huntington's;ALS;Blood;Parkinson's;Bridges Program;Scars;Sclerosis0<b>Key Features:</b><ul><li>Complex science told in a high school level vocabulary; brief interviews with many top stem cell scientists</li><li>Makes clear the vital necessity for public investment in research</li><li>Controversial topics (fetal cell research, etc.) detailed in non-threatening manner</li></ul>

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Артур Конан Дойл Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #27

The 27th issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine features new and classic mystery tales!<P> FEATURES:<p> <li>From Watson’s Notebooks, by John H Watson, M D</li> <li>Ask Mrs Hudson, by (Mrs) Martha Hudson</li> <p> NON FICTION:<p> <ul> <li>Screen of the Crime, by Kim Newman</li> <li>Carnivory, Darwin, and Doyle, by O’Neill Curatolo</li> <li>“Someday the Truth Will Come Out”, by Chris Chan</li> <li>Dr. Watson and True Facts, by Bruce Harris</li> FICTION <li>The Red-Faced League, by Hal Charles</li> <li>Such Good Friends, by Dianne Neral Ell</li> <li>The Strange Disappearance of the Talking Horse, by Ron Goulart</li> <li>A Death in Baltimore, by Arjay Lewis</li> <li>Jewels in the Sun, by Laird Long</li> <li>The Unexpected, by J.P. Seewald</li> <li>“Lease With Option to Buy”, by Ellen Wight</li> <li>The Adventure of Silver Blaze, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle</li> </ul>

359.22 RUR

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MasterFire New Super 12V 1800mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Lithium-ion Batteries Pack for CCTV camera,LED lights M-3

MasterFire 2pcs/lot New Super 12V 1800mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Lithium-ion Batteries Pack for CCTV camera,LED lights M-3

MasterFire 30pcs/lot New Super 12V 1800mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Lithium-ion Batteries Pack for CCTV camera,LED lights M-3

MasterFire 10set/lot Super M-3 12V 1800mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Lithium-ion Batteries Pack for CCTV camera,LED lights

MasterFire 4pcs/lot Super M-3 12V 1800mah Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Lithium-ion Batteries Pack for CCTV camera,LED lights — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить Lt 902400 led li ion по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки Lt 902400 led li ion — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.